5.5" Baking Cups -2" x 1 3/4" (HIGH WALL)

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Size: 500CT ROLL
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White Fluted Baking Cup 2" x 1 3/4" (5 1/2) High Wall - 500ct/Pack Baking Liner

They are made from fine quality, dry wax treated paper, are a perfect way of displaying yummy cupcakes and muffins to the customers. These fluted cups look great and help in serving the baked products from oven or microwave, straight to the eating table, in a visually appealing manner making them perfect for parties, muffins, cupcakes, desserts and more! Pretty convenient to get cleaned, the paper cup makes life easy for the servers by quickly releasing the edibles. While an excellent De-nesting feature allows these cups to be separated from each other without any trouble, a specially designed package keeps them clean and in accurate shape. These disposable Baking Cups cut down the baking time and save money too by doing away with the need for greasing a pan!

Standard bottom high wall cupcake liners

Roll Contains: 500 pcs

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